sedak: bird protection glass presented at Challenging Glass Conference 8

sedak, Gold Sponsor of the conference, will present its bird protection glass for the first time. Two designs are available that reduce bird approach rates to below 10 percent

sedak is a Gold Sponsor at the international Challenging Glass Conference 8 at the University of Ghent in Belgium on June 23 & 24, 2022.

In the accompanying exhibition, sedak will focus on flat and curved glass solutions in formats up to 3.6 by 20 metres. Kevin Berni, Head of Sales, and Joan Tarrus, Architecture Sales Manager sedak, will provide detailed information about sedak’s manufacturing capabilities.

Highly effective transparency
At the CCG, sedak will present its highly effective bird protection glass for the first time. No other bird protection glass requires such limited overall printed area (less than 1 percent) for a protective effect that simultaneously achieves an effective level of protection. Two designs are available depending on customer requirements: points and squares. The grid applied to #1 reduces the approach rate to below 10 percent.

Furthermore, sedak shows the exclusive groove cut as well as a bullet resistant glass. This sedak development is designed without the use of polycarbonate and meets the requirements of bullet class BR7 NS (the highest safety level).

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