sedak – all-glass optics thought around the corner

All-glass optics not only for facades, but also for glass roofs

sedak manufactured a total of 13 glass fins to support an all-glass roof.

Special feature: the glass fins are partly L-shaped. Each of the glass fins is unique and the angles vary between 80.8° and 118.5°. Due to the different mitres of the triple laminates, which can measure up to 2.4 x 4.8 meters, it was necessary to ensure that the glasses fit exactly, especially during lamination, so that the glasses can be installed seamlessly with the façade and ceiling glasses.
The handling with the suction system was also exciting, due to the L-shape and the narrow pane width of only 38.5 cm, attention had to be paid to the optimal weight distribution of the panes for safe transport.