Schüco: more efficient Thin-Film PV modules

Schüco presents its new brilliant-look, up-rated version of ProSol TF known as ProSol TF+, which, thanks to the new multi-layer cell structure, provides both transparency to the outside, as well as producing high outputs when generating energy.

Leading solar energy and building envelope specialist, Schüco presents its new brilliant-look, up-rated version of ProSol TF known as ProSol TF+. The brilliant look of the Schüco ProSol TF+ modules is a result of the new multi-layer cell structure. The degree of transparency ranges from opaque to semi-transparent in increments of 5%, up to a transparency level of 25%. Window and façade units therefore provide attractive views to the outside and simultaneously produce high outputs when generating energy.
The module’s superior performance – typically 80 Wp/m2 – is the result of a tandem cell structure that incorporates dual layers of microcrystalline and amorphous silicon, together with a special laminate foil (PVB). As well as generating electricity, ProSol TF+ can act both as insulation and as solar shading, resulting in a significant reduction in the need for heating and air-conditioning.
The new generation of Schüco ProSol TF+ thin-film significantly improves the energy and CO2 balance of modern buildings. It transforms a classic energy consumer into a solar power plant. In addition to increasing the value of the building, clients and investors simultaneously set an example of active climate protection. What’s more, they also demonstrate responsibility for future generations.
Importantly, in terms of sustainability, ProSol TF+ is an exceptionally ‘green’ product containing none of the rare or toxic materials – such as cadmium, selenium or lead – that are found in some PV systems.
ProSol TF+ modules are available either as single glass panes for use in Schüco rainscreen façade systems, or as part of double- or triple-glazed units incorporated into Schüco insulated façade systems such as FW 50+.SI.
Sizes range from 200mm x 300mm up to 2,300mm x 2,600mm with even larger sizes being possible using a ‘patchwork’ technique. When fitted to rainscreen cladding, 1,300mm x 1100mm single-glazed Fixed Size Modules offer the perfect combination of price and performance.
While the modules are supplied opaque for maximum power output, they can be customized by laser-cutting to present varying degrees of transparency ranging from 5% to 25%. This makes them particularly versatile not only from a user point of view, but also from an architectural design perspective.
In addition to supplying the ProSol TF+ modules, Schüco provides the complete PV solution comprising either a cladding system or an insulated façade system together with all necessary electrical components including inverters, cabling and connectors.
With more than 5,200 employees and 12,000 partner companies, Schüco is active in more than 75 countries worldwide and achieved turnover of EUR 2.38 billion in 2010.

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