SCHOTT sells 200,000,000th CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panel

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, SCHOTT continued production at its main site in Mainz, Germany, and was able to meet increasing demand in the household appliance market after initial stagnation at the end of the first wave

The raw glass of each individual CERAN® cooktop is manufactured in Mainz using a high-tech melting process - Foto: Schott/Jens Meyer - Copyright: Jens Meyer

SCHOTT CERAN® celebrates its 50th brand anniversary this year – a birthday that’s accompanied by news of a total of 200 million pieces sold.

It all began in the 1970s with an interdisciplinary team of researchers who came up with the idea of using glass-ceramic in the kitchen instead of in space. Special properties such as near-zero expansion of the material at high or low temperatures made it ideal for applications in satellites and the world’s largest telescopes. And so it was that the black glass-ceramic cooktop from Mainz sparked an international revolution in the kitchen. In the beginning, electric radiant heaters provided the heat, while alternating magnetic fields now provide the modern and energy-efficient heating of cookware (induction).

A particularly attractive feature is that CERAN® glass-ceramic is suitable for all types of heating and, as a true icon, is constantly setting new trends in kitchens around the world. No wonder SCHOTT CERAN® has been named “Brand of the Century” several times.