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SCHOTT prepares market launch of an advanced Xensation® 3D – tougher than ever before

With Xensation® 3D, the international technology group SCHOTT has successfully positioned itself in the smartphone cover glass market.

SCHOTT has now made its Xensation® 3D cover glass even better. The enhanced lithium alumino-silicate (LAS) cover glass is extremely strong, especially to falls on sharp objects. Its attributes make it an attractive alternative to competing solutions in the cover glass jungle, “Made in Germany” and processed in China. The proven Xensation® 3D – securing smartphone displays from leading Chinese brands – already demonstrates that it is perfectly suited for people’s lives.

With Xensation® 3D, the international technology group SCHOTT has successfully positioned itself in the smartphone cover glass market. The company has been supplying leading Chinese smartphone makers with lithium alumino-silicate (LAS) glass since 2011, making it a pioneer in LAS glass production.

SCHOTT has now made Xensation® 3D even better: the improved composition has been refined to even further increase set-drop performance (a device drop test) on sharp objects. This is enabled by a special production and tempering process that introduces potassium and sodium ions onto the glass surface. This results in an outstanding depth effect of the chemical strengthening that has never been possible before. For comparison, conventional cover glass types diffuse only potassium ions into the material during chemical toughening.

“The cover glass market is in urgent need for diversity. With an advanced Xensation® 3D, SCHOTT now prepares the market launch of a high-performance cover glass option. The outstanding results of the drop test paint an extremely attractive picture,” says Dr. Reiner Mauch, Head of SCHOTT’s Xensation® product group. “Our goal is to further expand our cover glass market share with the Xensation® 3D product line-up through consistent further development of the product. By 2019, we want to be protecting over 100 million smartphones from the challenges of everyday life.”

SCHOTT’s strong performance is mainly driven by the increased demand for high-quality glass types for touchscreen devices such as smartphones. The high demand of the past months led to increased cover glass production, ensuring fast supply times, agile reaction times and consistently reliable product quality. SCHOTT has been granted a fully examined and valid patent portfolio, especially in the field of cover glass.

After Xensation® and Xensation® 3D, SCHOTT is now preparing the market launch of an improved cover glass “made in Germany.” This latest step of Xensation® 3D is the result of SCHOTT engineers from Germany and China further improving the glass’s ion exchange capabilities.

The introduction of an enhanced Xensation® 3D marks the next step in SCHOTT’s ongoing cover glass initiative. This initiative has seen the company introduce numerous unique and groundbreaking key technologies made of special glass that are enabling pioneering innovations in mobile devices. Visitors to theC-Touch trade show in Shenzhen last week were invited to see SCHOTT’s current product lineup at the SCHOTT booth. Xensation® was joined on display by SCHOTT AS 87 eco, an ultra-thin glass ideally suited as 2.5D and 3D Protective Cover Film for smartphones and smartwatches.

Besides the robust and comparatively thick Xensation® 3D cover glass (available in thicknesses from 0.55 to 0.8 millimetres), SCHOTT is also advancing its development of ultra-thin glass thinner than a human hair. The flexible material can be used to make foldable smartphones or flexible displays. Ultra-thin glass with a thickness of 0.07 millimetres, for instance, is 32 times thinner than a 1-euro coin.

Xensation® is a registered trademark of SCHOTT AG.

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