SCHOTT lowers weight of Augmented Reality glass by 20 percent

The weight cut is mainly due to a reduced density of the material

SCHOTT, the inventor of specialty glass and international technology group, today unveils the next pioneering innovation in AR, SCHOTT RealView® 1.9 lightweight. The new optical glass shaves five grams off the weight of the waveguides currently used in AR devices, in which means a lighter, more comfortable, more immersive experience for the user. Manufacturers designing consumer-grade products target a total device weight of 70 grams, so saving 5 grams only by incorporating the new lightweight glass is a milestone in material and device development.

The weight cut is mainly due to a reduced density of the material. The result: AR devices that offer highest wearing comfort while not compromising in image quality thanks to the 1.9 high-refractive index.

One of the most significant drawbacks to AR devices is the  weight of the goggles, which can cause discomfort, especially on the user’s nose. With a new 20 percent lighter RI 1.9 high-index glass wafer, SCHOTT can reduce wearables’ overall weight by roughly 7 percent.

SCHOTT RealView® 1.9 lightweight doesn’t sacrifice image quality or durability, even with the dramatic reduction in density. This innovation will be featured at the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) in September.

SCHOTT pioneer Marga Faulstich, the company’s first female leader in company history, invented the first lightweight lens for spectacles, “Schwerflint 64” (SF 64), almost 50 years ago. This invention led to a new lightweight generation of glasses and sunglasses, today’s standard. Now, Augmented Reality (AR) glasses are called “the next big thing” in Consumer Tech, and SCHOTT is building on Marga’s legacy by introducing a new lightweight and more immersive optical lens designed to bring AR to the masses.

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