Schott develops strengthened glass cartridge

Schott has recently announced the development of a chemically strengthened glass cartridge that is up to three times more resistant to breakage

The chemically strengthened glass cartridge, named Schott Cartridges BR, is designed to offer utmost protection for very expensive or toxic drugs and for medications that need to be applied in hazardous environments where failure is just not an option. Schott  will offer its chemically hardened cartridges in standard sizes and in customer-specific designs. They can be used in auto-injectors, needle-free injection devices and pen and pump systems.
Schott has also developed the first large pharmaceutical vial (50 milliliter) that provides a reduced delamination propensity and decreases the risk of product recalls significantly. The development of Schott Vials DC came in response to the industry’s delamination concerns surrounding the storage of pharmaceutical products in glass vials. By combining Schott’s high-quality FIOLAX® glass tubing with an optimized hot forming process and a quantitative chemical glass surface test routine, the manufacturing process for Vials DC ensures the glass surface is more homogeneous and therefore less susceptible to delamination.

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