Saverglass opens fifth manufacturing site

On October 18, 2018, Mr. Loïc Quentin de Gromard, CEO of the SAVERGLASS Group, opened its 5th site for the production and decoration of high end glass bottles, in the presence of Mr. Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval, Governor of the State of Jalisco, Mexico.

New plant in Guadalajara, Mexico will service luxury wine and spirits market in the Americas

The world specialist in manufacturing and decorating glass bottles for premium wine and spirits brands celebrated the opening of its new plant in Acatlán de Juárez, Guadalajara, Mexico. The Guadalajara plant was formally opened on October 18, 2018 with the “Friends of Saverglass”—a group made up of over 400 people from every corner of the globe—in attendance. These included: its Mexican customers; the most prominent members of the great family of tequila and mezcal producers; customers from all over the Americas—be it North, Central, or South America— namely California, Texas, Kentucky, the East Coast of the United States, Canada, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and the Caribbean; and finally, partners from Europe, including its shareholders, The Carlyle Group.

Mexican officials also attended, in particular the Governor of the State of Jalisco, Mr. Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval and the Minister of Economic Development for the State of Jalisco, Mr. José Palacios, as well as Mr. Loïc Quentin de Gromard, CEO of the Saverglass Group.

The aim of the Saverglass Mexico plant is to respond to the increasing trend for premiumization (sophisticated bottles) in the drinks sector, for example: tequilas and mezcals in Mexico, fine wines and spirits in the United States (whiskeys and bourbons, gins and vodkas), and rums in the Caribbean.

The plant is ideally placed geographically. Indeed, it is situated in the magnificent region of Jalisco, just a few kilometres from the town of Tequila, and 40 kilometres from Guadalajara (the 2nd largest city in the country after Mexico City) and its numerous resources. Furthermore, it is near the ports of Manzanillo (serving the entire Pacific Coast) and Veracruz (on the East Coast), and is also close to major roads and railways leading to the rest of the Americas.

In its initial phase, the Saverglass Mexico plant will operate an oven that is capable of producing 85,000 tonnes, or some 120 million bottles in two colours: Extra White flint and Antique glass. The site and its impressive dimensions (30 ha) are intended to preserve the future of production, whilst favouring quality and consistency. This must be done without compromising tool flexibility and accuracy, and all of these characteristics are essential to the reputation that this (originally French) glassmaking Group has built up. The remarkable machine has been supplemented by a whole range of decorative processes, in which Saverglass is an expert, namely: automatic or semi-automatic screen printing using organic inks, enamel, or precious metals, allowing bottles and decanters to be intricately decorated; organic coatings (opaque or translucent); hot stamping; and, from next year, frosted finishes.

All of these ground breaking manufacturing methods, which have been developed over the course of 30 years of Research and Development and combined experience, are therefore already available to the alcohol and wine premiumization market in the Americas.

The construction project, which began in July 2017 with an investment amounting to USD 120 million, took only 327 days to complete. This unique feat was made possible thanks to the engineering teams working in France and on site, but also to all the Mexican partners involved! The launch of operations at the plant, which began in June, was based on bringing together Mexican employees and their colleagues from France and the United Arab Emirates to ensure a smooth start for both plants (glass and decoration), but also to familiarize the new employees with the Group’s quality-oriented production methods.

The venture is topped off by the creation of 380 new local jobs and, over time, the relocation of 20 French employees to Mexico.

Finally, the Mexico site enables Saverglass to have a manufacturing presence on three continents, to sell within 80 countries to over 26,000 customers, and to produce 120 million additional bottles each year.

About Saverglass

Saverglass, a French manufacturing group specializing in the production of glass bottles and containers for fine wines and premium spirits, employs nearly 3,200 staff in France and throughout the world. The group has three glassmaking sites and three decoration sites in France, a site in the United Arab Emirates, and a production and decoration site in Mexico.

Founded in Feuquières, in the French department of Oise, the Group generated sales of EUR 430 million in 2017. Equipped with its glassmaking and decorative expertise, and well-known for its innovation, quality products and design, today Saverglass is the first-choice partner for premium spirits and fine wine brands throughout the world.


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