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SATINAL – STRATO® Bird Friendly

The first nature-safe interlayer for safety glass

Satinal‘s STRATO® Bird Friendly is the world’s first interlayer product range to combine laminated safety glass advantages with a bird-life secure design.

Globally, the impact against glass, panels and all types of transparent and reflective surfaces is one of the greatest threats to the bird survival, and is constantly increasing due to urban sprawl and the growing glass use in the construction industry.

STRATO®’s challenge? Provide an interlayer with a balance between human aesthetic preferences and the birds’ need for an anti-collision visual marker: the good thing is that the most bird-friendly patterns are barely noticeable to the human eye.

Request for these materials is growing, as is awareness-raising work carried out by associations and public organisations; these technical solutions are increasingly being used for glass buildings and the large buildings glazing all over the world, creating a growing market for bird-friendly glass.

In this context, STRATO® has used its experience in interlayer production to develop the world’s first Bird-friendly EVA film range, obtaining a laminated safety glass that is visible to birds: STRATO® Bird Friendly.

A unique and exclusive extrusion technology to reproduce different types of patterns on the EVA film – including lines, dots and shades – which can be customised depending on coverage level to be achieved. Custom designs can also be created (e.g. nets, leaves, bird silhouettes, etc.) for a different decorative effect. All motifs in the laminated glass break up reflections, preventing collisions.

Any customer interested in knowing Satinal is welcome to visit the company factory in Italy: the only company in the world where you can see under one roof STRATO® EVA film production, an operating TK Chemical Tempering plant, TK Glass Machinery manufacture and the S-Lab R&D laboratory with a wide range of scientific and testing equipment for laminated safety glass.

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