Saint Gobain GLASSOLUTIONS® invests in glass cutting

Saint Gobain GLASSOLUTIONS® switched to a new generation float glass cutting table at the beginning of 2011: the Bystronic glass speed’cut with linear motor. This step was taken to be a step ahead of the competition, also due to increased demand for triple insulating units.

Constantly increasing volume in the field of glass cutting as well as the challenge of procuring spare parts for older machines were just two of the reasons for Valerian Wicky, Manager of Saint Gobain GLASSOLUTIONS® Switzerland, to switch to a new generation of float glass cutting table at the beginning of 2011: the Bystronic glass speed’cut with linear motor. He describes this decision as a logical step towards a more productive future: “It was necessary to purchase a new cutting table that ideally fulfils our requirements with regard to speed, the availability of spare parts as well as the size of the glass plates handled and the cut quality.”
Up until the end of 2010, the cutting system worked with two Bystronic glass cutting tables which had worked well for 19 years and, in principle, continue to do so. However, the cutting system at the Kreuzlingen branch had aged and, over the course of time, the insulating glass production experienced more and more bottlenecks. One reason for this was the increased demand and another was the constant increase in the percentage of triple insulating units in recent years. “Naturally, the loading and cutting systems must provide the correct amount of glass for these requirements,” says Valerian Wicky. The new, quick speed’cut cutting table will now replace one of the two old tables. “It made more sense economically to now invest in a completely new machine complete with modern software and hardware and to be a step ahead of the competition instead of continuing to maintain the old table.”
Following the first months of full operation, the Head of Production is extremely satisfied: “The machine is simply brilliant: it works quickly, precisely and efficiently. This fully meets our demands as we can simply not afford to experience a forced production stoppage.” Therefore, he appreciates the fact that expert support from the Bystronic glass Service Department is quickly on hand in an emergency: Thanks to online connection, Bystronic glass technicians can also remotely analyse and rectify problems. The speed’cut measuring system offers utmost precision on the desired dimensions, therefore reducing potential grinding tolerances to a minimum. The cutting bridge is driven by modern linear technology. This replaces the previous common combination of racks and sprockets and significantly reduces maintenance outlay. The speed’cut in Kreuzlingen cuts glasses up to 3,330 x 6,100mm in size. “In order to be equipped for the future, we have already designed our glass cutting system to cut large glasses and we also decided to purchase a device for edge deletion – two topics that will continue to become more significant,” says the Head of Production.

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