Saint-Gobain, acting for the climate

Saint-Gobain is official partner of the 21st international climate conference, or COP21, hold from November 30 to December 11, 2015, at Le Bourget, France.

Saint-Gobain has a key role to play in combating climate change by reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions and proposing solutions to improve energy efficiency. For several years, Saint-Gobain has been engaged in reducing the CO2 emissions of its industrial and distribution activities, materials supply, tertiary buildings, products and services. Saint-Gobain aims to cut its energy consumption by 15% and its total CO2 emissions by 20% by 2025. All Company Activities work daily to achieve these targets.
Saint-Gobain’s contribution to the energy transition can also be found in its core business: develop solutions enabling its customers to build or renovate buildings that are energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy and attractive, while conserving natural resources.
Today, buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy consumption and 38% of greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries. Saint-Gobain provides thermal insulation and insulating glazing which on average after just three months’ use offsets the emissions from its production. After that, the savings grow: it is estimated that Saint-Gobain solutions produced and sold in Europe in 2014 would, across their entire lifespan, offset about 90 times the Company’s 2014 greenhouse gas emissions.
As an official partner, Saint-Gobain is involved in several actions:
  • A booth in the Climate Generations space at Le Bourget, open to the general public, in partnership with the World Green Building Council, a worldwide network for promoting sustainable construction.
  • A speech on December 3, by Pierre-André de Chalendar, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saint-Gobain, in the negotiations area on the thematic Building Day in partnership with the World Green Building Council.
  • Donation of ISOVER, Placo® and Eurocoustic products for the thermal and acoustic insulation of the premises housing the COP21 conference.
  • Donation of glazing for an exhibition being organized concurrently by the Paris City Hall on the banks of the Seine River.
  • Saint-Gobains has also signed the French Business Climate Pledge with 38 other companies.