SageGlass facade features in pre-certified Green Building

3.0 University Place in Philadelphia is the first commercial building in the United States to be pre-certified LEED V4 Platinum by the Green Building Council.

That achievement is due in large part to the facade of the building, which will consist of 50,000 square feet of SageGlass brand electrochromic glass supplied by St. Gobain.
Electrochromic glass is capable of changing its tint from almost clear to very dark. The changes are controlled by a small voltage applied to each pane. On hot summer days, the glass darkens to control the amount of solar gain transmitted to the interior of the building. That in turn means air conditioning costs are lowered by up to 50%.
At the same time, parts of the exterior wall that face away from the sun can be left clear. That lets more natural light into the interior of the building and reduces the amount of artificial lighting required. Natural light is more soothing and promotes a more comfortable work environment. The changes in tint are controlled by the building’s energy management system.
“With 3.0 University Place, we’re setting the precedent for corporate and environmental responsibility, and Saint-Gobain and SageGlass are an integral part of our vision. SageGlass’ unparalleled ability to enhance the indoor experience for occupants made it the perfect fit for this project,” says Scott Mazo, Founder and Managing Partner of University Place Associates.
“Commercial building owners who want to attract rising, dynamic companies need to offer spaces that align with the values of socially responsible millennials. Innovative products like SageGlass are helping to create beautiful spaces that also improve the overall health and well-being of building occupants.”
3.0 University Place has several other features that contribute to its LEED V4 Platinum rating. The roof is its own ecosystem that harvests rainwater and promotes a clean, healthy environment for those who work there. The entire building is designed to promote open, collaborative work spaces that support how business is done today. Once completed, the building will be part of a collection of LEED Platinum certified building known as the Platinum Corridor, surrounded by tech companies, world class universities and medical institutions.
“SageGlass is excited to be an essential component of this remarkable project. We’re completely aligned with University Place Associates’ vision to develop commercial office space that redefines the traditional working environment,” said Alan McLenaghan, CEO of SageGlass. “We’re confident that the 3.0 University Place project is going to set the tone for the future of occupant-sensitive design.”

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