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Russian Academy of Sciences creates optical fiber for IR lasers

The Russian Academy of Sciences is based in Moscow


Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) were recently involved in the development of a new kind of optical fiber, used as a material for creating bright IR lasers.

Fiber lasers can generate length and region of radio waves. Russian scientists have produced a new fiber that successfully generates in spectral ranges that are inaccessible to fiber lasers. To convert a conventional fiber into a laser, it needs to be closed on both sides by a translucent glass and atoms interacting with light and converted into pulses of the required power and radiation length.
Physicists of the Russian Academy of Sciences have created a laser by using quartz optical fiber, adding compounds such as bismuth and germanium oxide. This combination ‘moves’ the radiation towards the near side of the infrared range if the fiber quality is very high. The invention is capable of producing infrared radiation with a wavelength of 1.7 micrometers, while it reaches a power of several watts. A mixture of bismuth with germanium oxide will make it possible to realize new light guides for assembling amplifiers and lasers.


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