Revimac: large-scale production machines for Siam Glass Rojana

Revimac, high performance machines suitable to any needs

website maker Siam Glass Rojana, an affiliate of Osotspa Co., signed last year a contract with Bottero for the supply of I.S. machines 12 sections, for high productions: for these machines, Revimac supplied the ON-OFF mould cooling systems and articulated hoists.

In the same contract, Revimac supplied also four stackers RSS 100 and four hot end coating hoods HTH 200 equipped with lifting system.

The stacker RSS 100 is a three axis, high performance unit and is suggested to be installed for high-speed productions. The RSS 100 is mostly used in front of annealing lehrs with wider belt. The stacker is equipped with a control cabinet user friendly and auto-learning software functions.

HTH 200 is the longer hood produced by Revimac allowing the treatment up to 800 articles per minute. The unit is appreciated in the market because is manufactured completely in stainless steel, that increase the working life of the hood against the corrosion due to the chemical products used for the coating.

The internal recirculation of the product that allows a complete coating of the bottle surface, is also a plus of the machine.

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