Revimac: intelligence with strength, Industry 4.0 ready

When intelligence matches strength: elegance, reliability and precision for containers handling at variable speed

The three axis Servo Stacker RSS100 is definitely Revimac’s finest and Revimac has just released an update consisting of a new gearbox and servo motors to suit a major update on the software interface. This update is now granting speeds up to 22 cycle per minute.

Servo Stacker RSS100 is based on a three-axis scheme. The combined motion of the three brushless servomotors, operates with movement very close to human arm and forearm motion, and allows for operations of approaching, pursuit, loading, and back cycle, always maintaining full control in each phase. Through the user-friendly interface it is intuitive for the personnel to customize curves and movement profiles to fit any type of glass container.

The push bar on the RSS100 Servo Stacker can be safely and quickly replaced thanks to its dedicated “bar change” cycle, which folds back the arms and rotates the main beam by 90°, getting the bar in an easy position for maintenance. With the machine in this position, the space in front of the annealing lehr is completely free, allowing cleaning and maintenance operations not only for the stacker, but also for cross conveyor and annealing lehr.

Self learning control system
With the new self-learning function, the stacker will automatically manage the loading profile with few inputs and phase the loading curve by detecting the speed of the IS machine.

The control cabinet (to be placed inside the air-conditioned control room) contains the Motion Controller connected to an industrial PC, which functions as an HMI (touch screen 15”)

The main characteristics of the operator interface are:

  • Preview loading curve simulation
  • Simplified management of the loading curve by setting 4 commands only (approach speed, pushing speed, start and end position)

Technical details

  • max. Number of cycles: 22/min.
  • speed limit: 1200 mm/sec.
  • max. Ware height: 500 mm
  • max. Pursuit stroke: 1000 mm
  • max. Loading stroke: 500 mm
  • position accuracy: top speed 0,9 mm
  • position accuracy: low speed 0,5 mm