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Just about a dozen years ago, Gilberto Volpato, Sales Manager & Director of REVIMAC, gave a speech at a meeting held at the glasstec Exhibition in Duesseldorf. He concluded this speech on a bittersweet note, by saying that one of the major problems the glass industry was going to be facing in the near future would be the “ever decreasing level of knowledge within the glass industry”.

Gilberto Volpato – Sales Manager & Director

The glass industry is, today, barely attractive to young graduates, and the replacement of previous generations of skilled workers is getting more and more difficult. Furthermore, many decision-makers are now coming from activities that have very little to do with glass-container making, therefore it could be said that Volpato’s prophecy regarding the “ever decreasing level of knowledge within the glass industry” has now become an extremely serious issue.

Before re-manufacturing

In order to fight this difficult trend, Revimac has decided to go a different way as a company. They decided to invest in knowledgeable people, with solid technical background in glass machinery design and construction, international marketing experience, fresh enthusiasm and great motivation, independently from the dates shown on ID cards.
The vision behind this kind of investment is the same that always inspired Revimac over the years, i.e. to offer outstanding professional support in servicing the container making equipment within the glass industry.
This approach has proven successful and has enabled the company to make a difference in regards to what is available on the market nowadays. It has distinguished Revimac from other machine builders, who are focusing on standard new machines and dismissing re-manufactured machinery from their portfolio.

In the glass industry there can be a couple of factors that can have an impact both in very good and bad times: the lack of planning and the shortage of budget. In both these cases, glass companies might tend to put together any types of equipment, as long as it can make bottles quickly and at the cheapest cost.
However, to satisfy current specific demands, modern and well-equipped workshops are simply not enough. This is where re-manufactured IS machines could, on the other hand, still play a primary role. And this is why Revimac has treasured on their experienced and skilled crew, who can identify, inspect, evaluate and collect vintage machinery to bring it back to life. Some of the machinery used had been lying idle for years in dark warehouses or even forgotten somewhere in dusty backyards. These can now be recycled and used again to obtain fantastic results.

Before re-manufacturing
After re-manufacturing

This pandemic-affected period has had an impact on forecasts and budgeting, however, against all odds, the company is pleased to report that for the next 12 months, there are and there will be no less than seven IS machines plus several dozens of IS section modules in their workshop. These are property of customers and were shipped to the factory to be re-manufactured.
Interestingly, most of the equipment is not Bottero/Revimac brand, but originally manufactured by other IS machine-makers, such as Emhart, Heye, Maul Technology and, last but not least, GPS.
It goes without saying that such tasks are not for everyone, considering that quality is never compromised on and that Revimac re-manufactured IS machines are sold with the same warranty conditions applicable for new units, therefore ‘clean & paint service’ are not the style of work carried out.

The Revimac approach has similarly been successful in cases where the key factor was the need to avoid a dramatic downgrading of the equipment’s technical features by keeping the project affordable.
The most recent success story is about a new important project in South-East Asia, where the skills and experience brought by the Italian company won against the apparently unbeatable Chinese prices. The opposition became less and less appealing as the stringent technical comparisons went more into details.
A great deal of preliminary technical support was dedicated to the project, resulting as particularly effective in the customer’s budget-requirements assessment. This brought to creative and technically sound solutions for a project otherwise hardly sustainable economically.
The Revimac winning formula is still, and will always be, despite all problems during these difficult Covid-affected times, a well-balanced combination of expertise, experience and rewarding dedication.

Revimac Srl / Bottero Group

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