Returnable afri cola bottle from Ardagh

Ardagh Group has worked closely with German cola brand afri cola to produce a new, returnable one-litre glass bottle, to meet the popular cola brand’s consumer demand for more glass packaging.

afri cola was established in Cologne, Germany in 1931. In the 1960s, the brand introduced a 200ml ergonomically designed glass bottle shape, that has since become a brand symbol. A 330ml glass bottle followed in 2015 and now the one-litre glass bottle is also based on this iconic shape.

The white ‘palm tree’ brand logo is printed directly onto the glass using the ceramic screen-printing technique. Two main cola flavours will be launched in Germany in April 2020: afri cola and sugar-free afri cola ohne zucker.

Gerd Gründahl, CEO Niehoffs Vaihinger Fruchtsaft GmbH said on the new bottle, “Today, sustainability is incredibly important. Consumers have become more discerning and try to integrate sustainable packaging into their daily routines. This has had a real influence on the packaging of non-alcoholic drinks: our consumers have asked us for a one litre, returnable afri cola glass bottle – a demand which we’ve met with pleasure.”

Six-bottle returnable crates will be available in retail, specialist drink shops and wholesalers.

For more information about Ardagh Group’s glass packaging, go to

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