Retrofit for a glass block manufacturing plant

futronic was asked to modernise the control system for PT Muliaglass' production lines

PT Muliaglass, the Indonesian glass manufacturer, has asked futronic to modernise the control system for one of its production lines, with potentially more to follow.

The project specifically concerns Line 4, comprised of a glass moulding machine and a welding machine for making glass blocks.

A futronic service engineer recently made the trip to the factory south-east of Jakarta, the country’s capital city, where he examined the plant, estimated the effort involved and prepared a quotation. futronic’s specialists now have the job of drafting new circuit diagrams and designing and adapting the software.

A particular challenge is that all sensors and actuators on the production line must be integrated into the system. The control cabinet will soon be filled and wired; various tests, quality assurance and shipping are on the agenda in May.

Commissioning of the plant on site and the new control system is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

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