Redwave: Enhanced dark glass recovery technology

Redwave, a leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines for the recycling and waste industry, presents its most recent development in glass recycling, which has increased the detection rate of dark and thick glass pieces, which can be improved by more than 50 per cent, without losses when it comes
to semi-coloured glass or thin porcelain.

Glass recycling in Europe has become a significant industry. By using high-end sorting technologies such as X-ray fluorescence and LED camera systems, a recycling rate of glass of up to 74 per cent can be achieved in current glass recycling facilities. The obtained recycled glass can be used as a substitute for the glass re-melt industry in the production of new glass containers.
Until now, the sorting process in such a recycling facility has caused a significant loss of good cullet especially into the CSP reject stream (Ceramics, Stone and Porcelain) with glass contents of up to 90 per cent. The reason for this significant loss in glass is the result of outdated sorting techniques. Due to the low transmission value, dark and thick glass pieces cannot be distinguished from CSP and are ejected along with the CSP by optical sorters. This results in lower output rates and increased disposal costs for the CSP reject stream due to the higher volume.
Redwave has taken on this challenge and through continuous research and development of its glass sorting sensors and software, it has achieved excellent detection rates of dark glass. Detection of dark glass has improved by more than 50 per cent, while there have been no losses when it comes to semi-coloured glass or thin porcelain. This new Redwave sensor and software can easily be upgraded thus eliminating incurring costs on facility extensions and avoid the need to purchase additional sorting machines.

Redwave delivers profitable solutions in the recycling and waste industry. It supplies ground-breaking and economic sorting plants for recyclables as well as turnkey waste treatment plants. Furthermore, Redwave is a leading manufacturer of sensor-based sorting machines with a sturdy industrial design, which achieves high performance, and quality recovery of materials. Redwave does not stop at the sensor level but provides the complete machine taking the responsibility for the sorting result. It also focuses on having its own software and hardware knowledge in-house as this gives their clients the required flexibility and allows them to continuously develop their products and react quickly to market and customer needs.
Redwave is headquartered in Austria, and operates worldwide, with branch offices in Germany, China, Singapore and the US.

Establishment of an independent level for recovery of glass from CSP-rejects of existing plants.
Redwave offers the possibility to sustainably reduce losses of glass in facilities through brand-new machines and upgrade packages and eventually adds an invaluable contribution to the increase of productivity rates in plants.

REDWAVE – a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH