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RCN SOLUTIONS: double-shelf laminating kiln upgraded in Slovenia

RCN has upgraded a kiln to allow the customer to maximize his production

The delivery of a small kiln or a complex one makes no difference for RCN SOLUTIONS because the company has offered tailor-made products for its clients for a long time.
Customers differ in production and space requirements, and RCN is ready to satisfy those needs. This was recently the case with a customer in Slovenia, where a small double-shelf laminating kiln was essential for their work.

Thanks to the support of its local partner, MAB EXPORT, RCN has upgraded a kiln from the standard existing SMART line to allow the customer to maximize production while keeping a small active size of 3200x2000mm.

Every customer is unique and must be treated accordingly, which means understanding needs before offering solutions and innovations. RCN SOLUTIONS has adopted this winning strategy and is ready to go further, helping the company to stand out from their competition.

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