RCN SOLUTIONS: Service and beyond

RCN SOLUTIONS supplies the same training and information from remote as much as they do in person

RCN SOLUTIONS has been committed for a long time in supplying technical training as comprehensive as possible. This is especially true for lamination, where several variables are involved in the process, most of which occur during the preparation of the glass, before starting the process. The aim is to put the customer into the position to avoid bad issues and enjoy the production results of zero defects, zero imperfections and zero downtime.

RCN SOLUTIONS focuses special attention and devotes a lot of time in this intricate job, instructing its customers on taking special care during preparation since the majority of defects, supposing the combination of a performing kiln and interlayer, come from mistakes in assembly.

RCN is often consulted by glaziers, that are not necessarily part of its customers, to solve unpleasant lamination issues. Although, it is not really the company’s job to solve technical matters of equipment out from production, RCN SOLUTIONS is always happy to discuss a possible guideline to prevent any waste.

It is almost impossible to cover all the cases for bad issues, but RCN’s specialists have noticed that their instructions give customers the key to keep the laminating process under full control in all its phases. In combination with its laminating machines and REVA BF interlayer, success is immediate and guaranteed.

At the beginning of February, Davide Ricchi, co-owner of RCN, has provided remote assistance. The customer is located in Osaka, Japan, and with 3-day remote installation and training, they have already started laminating production with their Lammy System 2. This is also thanks to the skilled assistance of our esteemed local partner, Correns Corporation.

In this time of travel restrictions, RCN takes the maximum care in supporting all its customers to start production, to clear doubts or provide any other technical assistance they may require.

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