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RCN Solutions: REVA BF laminating interlayer has new EU certifications

RCN Solutions is committed to be proactive in operations to respond to market requirements

Certification of laminating interlayers is an important tool to ensure compliance with local or international regulations. Knowing this, RCN Solutions applied with a specialized German Institute to renew its EU certifications, IFT Rosenheim, an internationally accredited and noted testing laboratory that has served the building industry since 1966.

According to EN ISO 12543-4:2011-08 for high temperature, humidity and radiation, REVA BF has fulfilled all requirements.

The new certification, replacing the old standard, reconfirmed the quality of REVA BF and RCN’s efforts to keep its interlayer a top level product to satisfy both limited and most demanded productions – and the new certifications join to the existing standards, such as the admission into the SGCC list and the approval of AINSI 91.7-2900, CPSC 16 CFR1201 and AINSI Z971-2005.

REVA BF is becoming demanded more often due to its high quality specifications making it suitable for all kind of lamination. No less important is the technical service RCN supplies, especially for REVA BF, since every customer requires the dedicated attention to their manufacturing.

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