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RCN Solutions: new production concept installed at Vasiliou Glass

One of the most important Greek glaziers, Vasiliou Glass Technologies, has decided to enhance its business and has chosen RCN Solutions as reliable supplier, starting the project to install a part of the production sequence, giving priority to their bending oven and laminating line first.

RCN Solutions firmly believes in this project and knew its proposal for ISF – Integral Sequencing Framework – could meet the interest and the requirements of Vasiliou Glass Technology, committed to supply safety glass for special applications such as those in the automotive and the marine industry.

Willing to invest in the latest technologies, Mr. Vasiliou was convinced by the concept and decided to join the RCN philosophy by ordering one ECO SPECIAL bending kiln and one Lammy System 4+4, both of active size 5100x2800mm, which were installed with success at Vasiliou Glass’ premises at the beginning of October.

Though the pandemic has delayed the time for the installation, RCN is satisfied to have enabled the customer to start production and serve customers accordingly.

RCN is confident that the customer will come back in the future to complete the framework by choosing one chemical tempering plant, Riva by RCN, completing their machinery and responding to the glass market requirements for safety, perfection and beauty.

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