RCN SOLUTIONS: new delivery to Vetreria Bazzanese

RCN SOLUTIONS is proud to be the official supplier of Vetreria Bazzanese for bending and laminating kilns

Vetreria Bazzanese is a company located near Bologna, Italy, and is one of the most important glaziers of the Italian glass industry. With countless special creations to its credit, the company’s precision and care give birth to vibrant and charming projects of curves and crystals.

To realize those dreams, Vetreria Bazzanese wanted a reliable partner to add to their experience and know-how, a supplier ready to satisfy their demanding, specialized production.

Since 2015, RCN SOLUTIONS has been working to supply the customer with machines and service. Commitment and sense of responsibility have allowed the installation of significant machinery.
On October 11th, 2021, two new machines were delivered to Vetreria Bazzanese and installed immediately; one bending kiln, ECO SPECIAL 4000, which is special because the heat system is divided in different, independent zones; and one laminating kiln, SMART XXL, a versatile kiln complete with RD CLEAN CONCEPT, the latest innovation for projects needing clean edges. Presented at Vitrum, RD CLEAN CONCEPT met with great success.

The approval and support of its customers motivate RCN SOLUTIONS in investing time and sources for quality innovations and better service, the two pillars the company’s technical and commercial choices are based on.

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