RCN Solutions: glass and marble, not an accidental experience

Although the title can sound strange, the duo of glass and marble in lamination is a superb combination, being demanded more and more in the glass and stone industry.

“The shining stone” as the Greeks used to call marble — and where the word comes from — is elegant by nature and highly appreciated world-wide, offering a charming view in all its applications.

Glass and marble also have something in common: RCN Solutions’ laminating machines and interlayer.

The potential and reasoning for such a combination were understood by RCN in 2010, when the first machine for lamination glass to marble was sold to an Italian glazier. It was shipped to Tuscany, near the caves of one of the most prestigious types of marble in the world, Carrara marble. The main business of this company is interior design based on projects from architects, so the combination glass and marble is particularly efficient for boats, luxury houses and tiles, just to list a few examples.

After time spent finding the right way to treat marble and to couple it to glass, the results have been simply amazing: once laminated, glass offers the utmost clarity, while marble offers a great show of natural beauty. The glass enhances the texture of the translucent stone, making it more brilliant and precious.

However, there are also some technical reasons for the two to be a winning duo: they have similar elongation coefficients, which is important in the lamination process and, to the advantage of marble, makes it stronger and lighter.

These are but a few key points for processing marble in RCN’ laminating machines, but they are not the only ones. Marble needs some different treatments, independently from the lamination with glass, one of which can be processed in the company machines.

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