R.C.N. Solutions: VITRUM 2023, an atypical but effective show

Vitrum was only two weeks ago and RCN Solutions is now at work to satisfy all demands.

Dedicated to glass and its related processes, the show offered several side events around Milan, divided between history and culture, elegance and prestige.

The exhibition has been busy, against all odds. The space has been reduced to one hall also because some important, historic companies decided not to attend, which created a climate of uncertainty and mistrust before the show that forced organisers and exhibitors to work more to keep high interest and visibility.

The result was a low-key show, in comparison to previous editions, but still able to have its voice heard among the most important trade shows.

Although there have not been significant innovations on display, new ideas and projects have come up during conversations with visitors and RCN can still hear all the demands customers submitted. Clients, potential customers, agents and friends came to visit RCN’s booth, and all of them had some new business target in mind, looking for solutions and professional suggestions. There has not been the usual attendance, but RCN is confident that some of the projects will be part of the future of glass.

The company has noticed, differently from the previous edition, still under pandemic, Vitrum 2023 enjoyed the interest and visitors of some international companies focusing on technology and important products. Yet, small glaziers were looking for diversification in production and wanted to share their needs involving RCN’s experience and skill to elaborate solutions, and the team was open to listen to any requirements responding accordingly.

The presence of visitors from the Mediterranean area has been significant and orders have been finalized, though some deals were in progress before the show. The same held true for the sales the company finalized with customers from Oceania.

Sales during exhibitions are more and more sporadic and events such as Vitrum become important focuses on business meetings and the flow of ideas, and for RCN, located not very far from the show area, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

RCN has been pleasantly surprised to have been recommended to visitors by manufacturers of different machines. This suggests the equipments of the company are appreciated and that it is working in the right direction.

The interest has been mainly on lamination but it has been chemical tempering the most discussed topic by RCN’s team, in particular with big companies that came with precise production programs in mind.

RCN’s follow-up will include study and fulfilment of customers’ demands together with the rest of its programs in matter of business organization and corporate communication.

If the future of Vitrum is still to be defined, the results of the 2023 edition encourages the growth of the culture of glass and support the Made in Italy brand.

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