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R.C.N. SOLUTIONS: Vitrum 2021 was a great experience

Vitrum is just a few days back and RCN is now taking the stock and cannot hide its satisfaction

Although the attendance was lower than in the past editions, the interest and the quality of the visitors were at a high level and RCN was prepared to meet such a professional audience.

The team made all the efforts to explain the RCN choices in construction and the differences compared to other solutions, attractive but not as capable. Attention has been so high, confirming the company’s commercial strategies carried out aduring this year are bearing fruit.

RD CLEAN CONCEPT, a revolutionary innovation, has met great approval by clients, who understood the company is committed tho this system for clean edges in lamination, a problem that troubled glaziers for more than a decade for extra labour and time costs. At Vitrum, RD CLEAN CONCEPT made it evident how the company responds to problems within the industry.

Customers who have installed the system say it is clean, easy and safe; there is no need to use cutters or other tools to remove the excess of EVA from the edges after lamination.

RCN has undertaken a campaign prior to Vitrum to promote “Made in Italy” and the quality of its machines and this strategy has resulted in sales. As an example, the laminating kiln on display, model “SMART XXL”, was sold to an Italian customer.

Equal interest has been given to the company’s chemical tempering system. RCN firmly believes the future of many markets lie in chemically tempered glass. Since 2017, when the company relaunched this system, the efforts to cultivate the culture surrounding chemically tempered glass has become more relevant. Lamination with a chemically tempered glass adds value for the client, not only of the final product but for the possibility of the producer to perform other jobs after tempering, such as drilling or edge shaping.

Visitors have left interested and impressed by the potential RCN SOLUTIONS was offering, and they understood how RCN products can broaden their market perspectives while increasing the quality level of their companies.

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