R.C.N. SOLUTIONS ships a laminating machine to Argentina

Glass size in the market goes bigger and machines should go accordingly. However, for some oversize machines, the shipping is a major problem if they cannot be dismantled due to the presence of sensitive parts. They cannot be fitted into containers but need wooden boxes on flat racks with high freight charges, especially on long distance destinations, which can somehow influence the customer’s final decision.

In the last two years, RCN SOLUTIONS, attentive to customers’ requirements and suggestions, has decided to find a way to optimize the cost of transport by finding a solution to fit its machines into containers. It has not been an easy job due to some parts that cannot be sectioned, which are highly functional to the operation of the machine, such as the heating elements.
The solution has been to consider a shipment in fragmented parts, as much as the technical setting allows, without compromising the full integrity after re-assembly, and having perfect functions and expected quality results.

Therefore, the first equipment: a two-shelf laminating kiln is bound to Argentina, where the segments will be combined and installed at the customer’s premises. The machine has been tested internally for some weeks until all the controls have been performed, output results are positive and the production manager has given the green light for shipping.

Since the majority of installations on site are highly risky due to the pandemic, RCN will provide the customer with written instructions, consultation via video and remote connection, which can be useful for a handy and quick self-installation in case the RCN specialists cannot be in position to attend the service.

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