R.C.N. Solutions: RD CLEAN CONCEPT – a problem solving system

Since its launch in 2021, RD CLEAN CONCEPT has been successful thanks to benefits and potentialities of this patented laminating solution.

However, there is one point of this system R.C.N. Solutions wants to focus on: the way it acts on the glass surface and why it is important.

Meeting customers world-wide, the team of RCN has been told that for some jobs where a nominal value of the interlayer is required, such as balustrades, they had some rejections due to the interlayer results being too thin after lamination that does not comply with regulations.

How can it be possible?
This is caused because some laminating bags apply more pressure on the edge, and the remaining thickness of the interlayer is not enough to be accepted, as it is lower than expected and the glass does not maintain complete flatness.

Is there any way to solve this matter?
Yes, you need to install an RD CLEAN CONCEPT bag that distributes equal pressure on the glass surface as well as on the edges. This allows for clean edges and correct nominal values of the interlayer.

This system can be installed in existing RCN kilns as well as in different ones.
The purchase of RD CLEAN CONCEPT should be carefully considered because, at the end of the day, rejections are more expensive than investing in a definitive solution.

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