R.C.N. SOLUTIONS: “Glass Experiences” – January

“Glass Experiences”: experiences about the glass industry from RCN's team

The United Nations have declared 2022 the International Year of Glass. The aim is to make glass part of the cultural and traditional heritage, as an essential material in terms of technology, science and economy.

RCN SOLUTIONS would like to contribute to celebrating the Age of Glass by launching a new editorial series named “Glass Experiences.” Every month, from January to September, the company will propose short individual experiences about the glass industry from RCN’s team and collaborators.


In January Elena Calvi, the CEO of RCN SOLUTIONS, will talk about her origins into a glazier family. “My father, Giuseppe, started the business in 1960 and me and my two eldest bothers have grown up into his shop, so it has been natural for us to be part of the glass industry later.

“I witnessed several changes and trends in the glass market, changes my company has been involved in too: from fusing to special slumping; from monolithic glass to the laminated one. There has been a great and fast evolution of the machinery since my father worked and especially, the use of glass has increased in different applications which required new technological systems for processes and handling.

“In particular, I have been fascinated by the introduction of laminated glass and from all the know-how that has been developing around this matter in the last twenty years. Glass is filling my business and my life too.”