R.C.N Solutions delivers first laminating kiln with RD Clean Concept

In the short time since RD Clean Concept has been launched, it has already attracted a new client

R.C.N Solutions‘ new RD Clean Concept technology, in combination with the company’s innovative laminating kilns, has advantages so evident that an Italian customer did not miss the opportunity to be the first to order a new laminating kiln complete with RD Clean Concept.

Located in northern Italy, the client has chosen one Lammy System 2, a single chamber kiln with two laminating shelves, combining the RCN proven constructive technology together with the latest revolutionary system, RD Clean Concept. This combination produces perfectly cleaned glass edges immediately after lamination, making it possible to remove the glass from the kiln and deliver it to the end user.

Researched and designed by RCN, this concept, while assuring suitable lamination, prevents the laminating interlayer to squeeze out from the edges, and the result is superb clear, clean and smooth glass edges.

How much money can be saved by owning such an accurate system? With no need for labour and time spent cleaning the edges from excess EVA, RD Clean Concept is a new process to rely on, granting the utmost efficiency and performance.

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