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R.C.N. SOLUTIONS: a Lammy System 4 delivered and installed in Spain

RCN centres the target in the centre of Spain!

Spain has an unquestioned style for glass and its use in building is getting more frequent and more sophisticated.

In this scenario, Spanish customers are more and more attentive in selecting their suppliers who have to respond to quality, service and convey their technical and commercial experience.

This is the real job RCN SOLUTIONS does with all of its customers. It demands time and constant efforts in highlighting the quality and validity of RCN’s technical choices in construction, with every explanation derived from researches and tests. It is especially important to assure the customer that what they are buying is reliable and performant for the long-term.

The RCN machines are visually modest, but inside their shell they contain all the know-how, years of tradition and technical skill of the company in addition to the latest technology. It is a powerful combination that can be hardly matched.

These features did not escape the attention of a Spanish customer, who placed an order for one Lammy System 4 – the RCN four-shelf laminating kiln – working with two independent chambers, which means product diversification. Built with the strongest materials, each shelf can load up to 1,500 kilograms while maintaining the flatness of the glass during the process.
The same weight can be lifted by the platform too, and four aspiration pumps are installed for an absolute vacuum control. APC controls the two chambers independently, with the support of the RCN “Easy Connect,” the application allowing for extensive control of the process.

Delivered and installed in the centre of Spain, the Lammy System 4 is the best way to maximize production by taking the advantage of a hundred percent uptime.

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