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R.C.N. SOLUTIONS: a glimpse of light into dark times

The end of the year is approaching and RCN is ready to take stock and check results

There is no need to revisit the dramatic issues the world had to face this year and the pain that everyone has dealt with. RCN SOLUTIONS has given everything to the benefit of the existing and potential customers trying to rebuild business bridges that collapsed under the ongoing pandemic.

RCN has reached a high level of visibility thanks to the new communication program including the new logo, the new expanded website, catalogue and corporate video in which all the RCN employees working behind the machines have been highlighted. In a world going virtual, RCN strongly believes that interpersonal business relationships are still important and that opening the doors of the company is an important matter to build solid bonds of trust.

The decision to enhance the presence on the most important, international trade magazines and online articles has created heightened curiosity and interest in the company, in its products and, in particular, in RCN’s ability for customization.

All the efforts have been compensated by a satisfactory sales portfolio, showing that the journey undertaken is the right one together with the improvement of the service. But more has to be done.

Surprisingly, in 2020 RCN’s business has been much better than expected: production and distribution of REVA BF, RCN’s laminating interlayer, increased 30 percent thanks to the product specifications and the efforts of the company partners in Italy as well as abroad.

Part of the year during the lockdown has been spent on upgrading some existing equipment. At RCN, experience and innovation allowed the company to issue additional models of laminating kilns and to develop solutions for oversize machine shipment.

Enquiries and orders did not take long to come in, especially in the second quarter of the year, which means that these updated production systems have been appreciated and RCN has become the first choice for many international companies.

The RCN machines will not not be complete without an appropriate service, a real blow for the company, whose people are trying by all means to put customers at ease. They are facing the difficulties related to the travel bans by providing instructions for processing and training, supplying videos, remote connections, online conferences, taking every measure not to leave customers alone to cope with the procedures to run production or a new machine.

Last but not least, this year the company became busy on submitting business solutions for the manufacturing of safety glass and curve glass.

In the next year, RCN SOLUTIONS will be involved in different matters, from production to service, from visibility to technical novelties. And 2021 will start with a new patent pending RCN concept.

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