Pulp Studio doubles capacity with expansion and new autoclave

Improvements to the Pulp Studio factory to meet high demand for ongoing production as well as for taller sizes of glass

Pulp Studio’s new autoclave machinery arrives at their 150,000 square foot facility in Southern California

Pulp Studio announced that they have added equipment and capacity into their laminating department – effectively doubling the daily output in their 150,000 square foot facility. The scheduled updates began in March of 2020 and included a remodel and rehabilitation of Pulp Studio’s autoclave assets used for glass lamination.

“We felt it was time to transform and expand one of our larger autoclaves while replacing one of our less productive machines,” said Bernard Lax, CEO for Pulp Studio. “We have added a new 84” x 250” machine and updated one of our older machines to a 102” x 250” format. Essentially, this almost doubles our daily capacity to meet the high demand of both our ongoing production and the need for taller sizes of glass.”

Pulp Studio currently operates five autoclaves and two laminating furnaces. Over the past year, Pulp Studio also made major investments in green infrastructure projects including solar power, paint waste distillation and recycling of all its paper waste.