PUJOL delivers to CERVIGLASS a new oven for curved laminated glass

The new oven's larger bending chamber allows laminating glasses up to 6.5 metres by 3.21 metres and curved glasses with an arrow of up to 1.2 metres

The Spanish company Cerviglas, with more than 30 years of experience in the glass sector, is recognized in the national market for being a constant innovator, working glass to increase safety, quality, aesthetics and comfort in large architectural projects and the interior spaces in which it participates. Cerviglas is also a pioneer in decorative laminated glass.

From more than 30 years, the company has been able to anticipate market demands and to find the best partners. A clear example is their confidence in Hornos Pujol, a company with a century of experience and progressive innovation. The technical and professional solvency of Pujol’s ovens will allow it to reach the highest levels of quality and productivity that customers (façade designers, engineering firms, construction companies, and architects) need.

Hornos Pujol has designed the new EVA LAM-PRO 69×35 “Jumbo” laminating oven. This oven has a 1,200 millimetre high bending chamber that allows laminating glasses up to 6.5 metres by 3.21 metres and curved glasses with an arrow of up to 1.2 metres. The manufacture of curved glass will grant Cerviglas all the guarantees to face all those laminated glass projects.

The commissioning was completed in October 2021. Mr. Vicente Cervera, general manager of Cerviglas, said, “This new acquisition allows us to make a qualitative leap in our company. We have opted for the most advanced technology that we can find on the market today, Hornos Pujol, to be able to offer curved glass firings with high added value.”

For his part, Mr. Joaquín Pujol, the commercial director of Hornos Pujol, said that “working with companies of the stature of Cerviglas is always an honour. This association incorporates a third variable: the choice of Evalam, manufacturer and international reference of EVA for architectural use.”

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