Pujol adapts its ovens to industry 4.0 with the Pujol e-Connect system

With the commitment to continue offering intelligent solutions that improve efficiency and simplify the work of professionals, Pujol has incorporated the Pujol e-Connect system as standard in all ranges of ovens, allowing full entry into Industry 4.0.

Pujol e-Connect is an advanced system chosen and developed by Pujol that allows interesting functionalities. Glass processors will be able to have greater control over what happens at all times with their furnaces, achieving greater peace of mind.

Pujol e-Connect allows access in real-time to the state of the oven. Operators can see what process each of the batches is in. Additionally, it is possible to program parameters and, for greater peace of mind, receive a notification of any incident that occurs in the laminating process. It includes, for example, the “CLICK SAVE” function for turning on and stopping the oven due to falling light. In order to access the Pujol e-Connect functionalities, it is necessary to identify yourself through a secure access control with a password.

With Pujol e-Connect, technical assistance is possible by remote and secure connection to the oven from any external device with internet access (mobile, tablet or computer). All the files generated can be downloaded to the device with which it is connected to the oven, avoiding unnecessary travel of technicians to check the status of the machine with the consequent saving in time and money.

The professional has extensive information available to be able to carry out a complete analysis of the oven. This allows, for example, to analyse the temperature curves performed, to view the list of alarms or to compare trend graphs.

In addition, Pujol e-Connect technology offers quick and clear traceability of the entire production process.