Press Glass expands its range of acoustic glazed units

Press Glass, which specialises in manufacturing panes for construction industry, has recently added five new types of glazed units to its acoustic glazed units catalogue, bringing the total offering to 80 different units.

The new glazed units have the weighted acoustic resistance (Rw) of 40 to 45 decibel (dB).

“Each new type of glazed unit has undergone appropriate tests and it is properly certified for acoustic resistance,” said a company representative.

The following products are now available:

– 6-12-8,4T (VSG 44.1T) Acoustic ; Rw=40 (-2,-6)

– 8-12-8,4T (VSG 44.1T) Acoustic ; Rw=41 (-2,-6)

– 13,5 (VSG 66.4)-16-12T  ; Rw=41 (-1,-4)

– 13,5 (VSG 66.4)-16-8T ; Rw=42 (-1,-5)

– 10,8 (VSG 55.2) Acoustic-12-8,8T (VSG 44.2T) Acoustic ; Rw=45 (-2,-7)

More information is available on their website.