PRESS GLASS acoustic tests

Acoustic tests commissioned by PRESS GLASS are an integral part of the company’s customer support operations.

Recently, PRESS GLASS added five new acoustic glazed units to its product offering, with acoustic properties confirmed with applicable certificates.

“Over the last several months we have expanded our range with approximately 30 new acoustic glazed units. In this way, we want to support our customers and provide them with top quality, certified products. By testing the new glazed units we have extended our range and are providing our business partners with products of the highest quality. Our current range of acoustic glazed units already includes 103 items. Therefore, we can say that we have over 100 ways to tackle noise,” says Tomasz Slusarek, PRESS GLASS quality specialist, who is directly responsible for testing.

The acoustic glazed units range has expanded its glazed units and it now offers the acoustic glass unit configurator as a free mobile app, the PRESS GLASS MOBILE (for iOS and Android). The configurator includes a complete range of certified acoustic glazed units and facilitates selection based on specified parameters.