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PPG partners with Walker Glass to debut bird-safe glass with low-E coating

PPG and Walker Glass have created an advanced architectural glass that unites bird-friendly, acid-etched patterns with high-performance solar control, low-emissivity (low-E) coatings.

PPG Industries and Walker Glass Co., Ltd., have combined proprietary technologies to create AviProtek with Solarban® glass, an advanced architectural glass that unites bird-friendly, acid-etched patterns by Walker Textures™ glass with high-performance solar control, low-emissivity (low-E) coatings by PPG.
Glenn T. Miner, PPG director of construction, flat glass, said the introduction of AviProtek with Solarban glass capitalizes on PPG’s long-standing relationship with Walker Glass and each company’s commitment to sustainable building solutions. “While PPG is devoted to developing glass and coating technologies that reduce energy use, we also understand that sustainability includes dimensions beyond building performance, such as protecting wildlife. By teaming with Walker Glass, we are able to leverage the expertise of both companies to meet emerging demand for an attractive bird-safe glass that is energy-efficient and transmits high levels of daylight.”
Walker Glass with AviProtek patterns can be manufactured with Solarban 60 or Solarban 70XL glass on the second (interior) surface of an insulating glass unit (IGU). AviProtek patterns on the first (exterior) surface of windows and architectural glass are proven to reduce bird injury and mortality by providing contrasting patterns that birds can see while in flight.
Marc Deschamps, business development manager, Walker Glass, said AviProtek patterns developed by Walker Glass are based on research conducted by the American Bird Conservancy. “Studies show that birds collide with glass because its transparency, reflectivity or darkness can create the illusion of safe passage or access to water, plants or perching locations,” he said. “Our bird-safe glass helps eliminate such illusions by creating detectible visual patterns, developed by bird-safety researchers, which signal a barrier is present.”
AviProtek with Solarban glass gives architects, designers, specifiers and building owners the ability to comply with bird-safe building codes and to earn LEED® certification credits for both bird-friendly building design and environmental performance.
Available on clear and ultra-clear Starphire® glass substrates by PPG, AviProtek with Solarban glass comes in five standard bird-friendly patterns.

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