Poroglass Group to open foam glass materials production plant in Tyumen

During the recently-held international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the use of foam glass and foam glass-ceramic materials in the road sector, held in Tyumen, Poroglass Group announced the construction of a new foam glass materials production plant.

At the first international scientific and practical conference, held in Tyumen, and dedicated to the use of foam glass and foam glass-ceramic materials in the road sector, the construction of a Tyumen plant for their production was announced.

According to the press service of PoroGlass Group, more than 50 Russian and foreign experts took part in the conference. From the reports it follows that in economically developed countries heat insulating foam glass materials have long been used in industrial civil engineering and in road construction.

According to Poroglass Group LLC, the technology of their use has already been developed in the Tyumen region. Back in 2016, the experts laid a pilot section of the highway with two sections: using the foam glass layer and without it. Technical monitoring tools showed that in a structure without a frost protection layer, the depth of soil freezing was about two meters, and in a structure using a layer of foam glass – only 30 centimetres.

It should be noted that in most of the territory of Russia in winter the ground freezes to a rather considerable depth. This leads to the so-called ‘frost heaving of soils’ and to the gradual deformation of the roadway, and in the case of buildings – to increased pressure on the foundations.

According to Evgeny Korotkov, Technical Director of Poroglass Group, LLC, “the depth of frost penetration can be completely eliminated by slightly increasing the thickness of the frost protection layer, thanks to foam glass materials.”

At the conference, participants were presented with new patented technologies for the construction of durable and economical roads, with Poroglass Group launching an initiative to build a foamed glass crusher plant in Tyumen. The plant will carry out an environmental program for processing MSW into a demanded thermal insulating building material.

Construction of the plant is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019. The Tyumen Region Infrastructure Development Agency intends to provide the project with comprehensive support.

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