POLFLAM Fire-Resistant Glass – expanding the product size offerings

One significant advantage of POLFLAM’s cutting edge technology over competitors is the ability to create very large fire-resistant glass panes

POLFLAM announced development a new glass product by successfully increasing the maximum height of a single pane of POLFLAM BR glass to 4800 mm.

Large-format POLFLAM BR EI 120 fire-resistant glass pane during the first minutes of testing in the Gryfitlab laboratory – high-precision control of the test furnace parameters (temperature and pressure) allows for an accurate simulation of conditions during a real fire

This latest glass offering comes with an EI 120 fire-resistance rating, one of the highest for this product size. It has also passed all safety testing protocols in the notified laboratory Gryfitlab. We developed this new line in response to architects’ expectations and current market trends.

In doing so, POLFLAM makes a definitive statement: we are ready to face even the most ambitious production challenges.

POLFLAM BR glass is used for fire-resistant structural glazings. The large glass pane surface area does not require any additional structural elements. This allows for better lighting of interior spaces and makes glass partitions aesthetically pleasing. POLFLAM BR glass solutions are a popular choice for the interior design of office, commercial and public utility buildings.

POLFLAM manufactures fire-resistant glass both for indoor and outdoor use. The company’s products are sold in most markets across the European Union. In the coming months, POLFLAM will open a new factory in Tarczyn, near Warsaw, allowing the company to triple its production capacities.

When exposed to high temperatures, POLFLAM fire-resistant glass changes its structure and appearance, while retaining its shape, this serves as a solid barrier against fire and thermal radiation for over 120 minutes