POLFLAM customers can now choose from a broader product selection

POLFLAM develops and classifies system solutions, in cooperation with system suppliers, in 21 fire test laboratories across Europe and the Middle East - while developing new products, fire testing is conducted in POLFLAM laboratories.

POLFLAM has successfully completed a series of fire tests on timber partitions for classifications EW 30, EW 60, EI 30, EI 60, EI 90 and EI 120. These are intended for use in rigid and lightweight supporting constructions. The fire tests were carried out in various fire test laboratories in Poland and Germany and the final test of the series (a partition with POLFLAM® EI 120) took place in early June.

Fire-resistant glazing in timber frames is very popular, especially in Western and Northern European countries. The fire tests with slim timber profiles provide the possibility to use laminated or solid timber with densities of more than 560 kg/m³ and without any additional steel clips.

POLFLAM customers can now choose from a broader product selection. During the certification process, monolithic and insulating glass configurations were tested, allowing for the use of single, double and triple insulating glass units, with the use of laminated glass (up to P5A), toughened glass or float glass, as well as with coatings or without. The insulating glass combinations can employ different types of spacer bar materials and take into account fire resistance on both sides. Other important system options include glazing beads on one or both sides, irregular frame shapes, fixing with pins or screws, and pre-fabricated frames with on-site assembly.

POLFLAM fire-resistant glass is well-known for its impressively large glass dimensions. These bigger sizes are also available for the newly-developed timber partition system: the maximum glass size for EI 120 classification is 1,500 by 3,500 millimetre (portrait format) or 3,000 by 1,500 millimetre (landscape format).

For other fire-resistance classifications, the dimensions are 1,800 by 4,200 millimetre or 3,600 by 1,800 millimetre, respectively. For butt-jointed glass products in timber partitions, the maximum size of POLFLAM® EI 120 is 2,200 by 3,850 millimetre, and for other classes, 2,400 by 4200 millimetre.

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