Pneumofore: A520.8 air compressor with 20 months pay-back

As is frequently the case, customers who have successfully installed Pneumofore UV Series vacuum pumps return to the company when considering an air compressor

After 10 years of smooth, trouble-free operation with Pneumofore’s vacuum pumps, asking for a quotation from the company is the natural choice.

Notwithstanding the higher price point, some customers trust their natural instincts, having had such positive experience with Pneumofore’s other products and rather than opting for the questionably attractive lower costs competitors’ machines, they choose the Pneumofore Rotary Vane compressor.

This was the position of Next Can Innovation (NCI) in Thailand
The UV pumps Pneumofore have been running almost continuously since 2017 in their Variable Speed version. In 2019 when the requirement of a new air compressor arose, NCI decided to invest in a new Pneumofore machine.

The A520.8 air compressor is in the Hot Climate version with Variable Speed. Following the start-up in November 2019, the results were amazing: the measured electrical power was reduced from absorbed 700 to 540 Amps. Considering the local cost of electricity, the pay-back time of this Rotary Vane compressor is as low as 20 months only.