Pleotint forms distribution partnership with Jasan Glass

Pleotint, LLC, has announced a distribution partnership with Jasan Glass, enabling the Seoul, South Korea–based company to offer Suntuitive glass with its product offerings.

Kyungsoo Lee, vice president of Jasan Glass, said that by providing Suntuitive glass, his company now offers the most advanced glazing technology available in South Korea today.

“Suntuitive glass is a unique solution because it works without any modification to frames and there’s no wiring or programming necessary,” Lee explained. “The self-tinting dynamic glass will work with any normal window system.”

Because Suntuitive glass naturally adapts to changes in environmental conditions, Lee said it is an ideal dynamic window solution for Korea, which experiences significant climate changes throughout the year.

“Dynamic glass can offer additional energy savings on lighting and cooling loads,” Lee added. “As Korea has four different seasons, performance values such as solar heat gain coefficients, visible light transmittance, and U-value play different roles. Dynamic glass that can automatically respond to changes in the atmosphere is a perfect complement to high-performance, low-e glass.”

When paired with low-e glass in an insulating glass unit, Suntuitive glass can produce visible light transmittance of as high as 60 percent in a clear state, solar heat gain coefficients of as low as 0.11 in a darkened state, and reduce heating, cooling, and lighting-related energy costs.

Jasan Glass is a family-owned company that began as a mirror company in 1959. With growth in the Korean market, Jasan Glass expanded operations to serve the architectural glass industry in 1997. Today, Jasan Glass is one of Korea’s largest high-performance glass fabricators, and has supplied glass to several signature commercial projects throughout Korea.

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