Pilkington UK: A Platinum Year for float glass

Pioneers and trailblazers: 70 years of float glass innovation

70 years ago in June 1952 Sir Alastair Pilkington started working on the float glass process, which remains the universal method for manufacturing high quality flat glass.

The process is considered by many to be one of the most important innovations made in Great Britain since WWII, enabling the efficient mass production of perfectly flat and clear glass. Its invention was a pivotal moment for the glass industry, while enabling new opportunities in architecture and automotive design.

At the time, Sir Alastair was viewed by his contemporaries as a trailblazer in the field. But even he couldn’t have imagined the innovations that Pilkington UK would go on to make.

From the development of exciting new coatings such as the original energy-efficient Pilkington K Glass™ to finding more sustainable ways to power the original manufacturing process Sir Alastair invented, Pilkington UK has continued to pioneer new technologies, manufacturing methods and products in the 70 years since his discovery.

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