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Pilkington releases Mirropane™ Chrome toughenable mirror coating

Pilkington has recently released Mirropane™ Chrome, a glass with a high reflective coating on a base of chromium compounds, which offers several advantages over ordinary silvered glasses, including excellent processability, stability and durability.

Some of the most challenging interior design problems are created by narrow spaces. Glass can be used to optically enlarge small environments – due to its reflective properties, it can give the impression of more space. Mirror glass can also give higher levels of brightness using minimal lighting. A lot of commercial buildings used for sport (gyms, swimming pools, spas) use mirrored glass in this way. Mirropane™ Chrome is strong and durable, offering many processing possibilities. It can be toughened, assembled in laminated safety glass, bent, and using current techniques used in glassworks. It is resistant to corrosion and humidity, so it can be used in bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas.

It is also the perfect product for glass doors or other applications with fasteners or metal hinges. The absence of a glass frame in favour of a point-fixed mounting support, encourages the use of mirrors as decorative elements because of their aesthetic value. Mirrors without safety features can be dangerous if installed in gyms or dance studios because they can cause injury if broken. Laminated or tempered Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome is ideal for applications in public places.

It can also be used for individual decoration needs. Logos and other graphics can be applied by sandblasting.

Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome is available in Jumbo size and standard thicknesses of 4, 6 or 8 mm. It is also available in laminated safety version (from 8.8 mm to 16.8 mm).

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