Pilkington OptiView to protect Egyptian treasures in new Turin museum

Pilkington OptiView™ Protect OW anti-reflective glass has been chosen to protect ancient discoveries preserved in the Museo Egizio of Turin.

The showcases made of Pilkington OptiView™ Protect OW allow maximum enjoyment of the exhibits, whilst protecting them from the elements.
Works dating back 5000 years can now be viewed without being distracting reflections. They must be protected from vandalism and they must be protected as much as possible from the natural deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays.
Pilkington OptiView™ Protect OW laminated safety glass consists of two sheets of extra-clear glass with low iron content and high light transmission (over 90%), to which a special durable coating is applied. It reduces visible light reflectance to less then 2%.
The product blocks more than 99% of UVA and UVB radiation (two of the ultraviolet rays that cause deterioration to precious artworks, materials and colors). A work protected from UV rays can be safely put on public display.
In addition to the significant benefits of true color rendering, very low light reflection and UV rays blocking, the thickness of the glass used in the Museo Egizio (12.8 mm) adds another important benefit: protection from vandalism, according to EN 12600 class 1(B)1 and EN 356 class P2A.
2,200 square meters of this unique glass was used to make 70 cabinets and 103 display cases at the new Museo Egizio, designed by the designers of Isolarchitetti.
The showcases, some up to 4.60 x 4.00 meters, in the exhibition space created by Goppion SpA, offer unobstructed views of these amazing archeology exhibits.
The Museo Egizio is second in the world only to that of Cairo for the historical and artistic value of its content, and has now become a world leader in museum quality.
For a relatively low cost twice as much material as in the past can now be on public display.

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