Pilkington Botanical launched to boost growth in greenhouses

The optimisation of light entering the greenhouse is a high priority for maximising crop yields - the Pilkington Botanical™ range offers products that preserve or even boost the light transmission

NSG Group has launched a new range of glass products focused specifically at the horticultural market.

The new Pilkington Botanical™ range comprises of glass-based solutions aimed at boosting crop growth or dealing with the issues faced by growers. It offers the tried, trusted and durable qualities of the Pilkington Optifloat™ and Pilkington Optiwhite™ glass alongside innovative durable coatings on glass.

To evaluate and optimise lighting conditions it is important to consider both direct light and light under different angles of incidence. The NSG Group is focused on maintaining a high hemispherical transmission (a more accurate measurement for photosynthetic active light entering through the glass) on all products in the Pilkington Botanical™ range.

Pilkington Botanical™ provides the perfect solution for greenhouses, conservatories and winter gardens. It includes a wide range of glass solutions dedicated to protect, enhance and facilitate better propagation and crop growth, as well as options to toughen, bend or laminate.

Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear already has an impressive 91 percent light transmission but this can be boosted further by opting for the low iron Pilkington Optiwhite™ glass or by using the Pilkington HortiGrow™ range which uses durable anti-reflective coatings on one or both sides of the glass to boost the transmission up to a potential 99 percent.

The NSG Group is looking to develop new products to introduce to this versatile range based on the needs of the customer. Additional functionality such as light diffusion and coatings that ensure that the glass stays cleaner for longer between costly cleaning cycles can also be added.

Coatings and surfaces can be fine-tuned based on specific requirements. The diverse nature of plants and crops and varying climates means that no single solution will fit all. Whatever the requirements are the NSG Group is encouraging growers and specifiers to get in touch so the needs of their individual project can be discussed and supported.

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