Persistence Market Research to release new report on BIPV Glass Market

“BIPV Glass Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2020” reports on expected future trends across the major BIPV glass markets.

Key drivers for the growth of the BIPV glass market are growing awareness of carbon footprint reduction and increasing focus towards generation of electricity at lower cost from conventional and renewable sources. The buildings sector accounts for the largest market share (over 80%) of the global BIPV glass market.

The BIPV glass market is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period. Growing investments in the architectural segment would further help boost the growth of the BIPV glass market. On the basis of end users, this market is segmented into commercial buildings, residential buildings, and industrial buildings, among others.

BIPV modules act as key enabling technologies for zero net energy buildings. They are used extensively in the construction of educational, corporate, commercial, and residential buildings as well as hotels, hospitals, and retail outlets.

Global players, such as Suntech Power Co Ltd., Pilkington Group Limited, and Asahi Glass Co, Ltd, offer innovative BIPV glass products with emphasis on latest technology and better quality. Growing investments in research and development of BIPV products and introduction of new technology further boost the BIPV glass market.

Asia Pacific is one of the most prominent markets for BIPV glass. With growing investments in domestic and institutional building construction, the demand for BIPV glass is on the rise. Growing economies and increasing household income are some of the key triggers fuelling the growth of the BIPV glass market in Asia Pacific.

In North America, the U.S. holds the largest market share of the BIPV glass market. The total number of zero-net energy buildings in the U.S. and Europe is growing exponentially. EU Directives demand zero energy capability for all buildings by 2021. Such initiatives by governments help boost the BIPV glass market in North America as well as in Europe. The global BIPV glass market is expected to exhibit a double-digit growth rate during forecast between 2014 and 2020.

Building integrated photovoltaic or BIPV modules are essentially panes of glass with photovoltaic cells embedded between two sheets of glass. Used for making roofs, skylights, facades, spandrels, and curtain walls of buildings, BIPV glass is ideal for making those parts of a construction that do not require a high degree of transparency, such as an atrium roof. Various advance technology such as thin-film PV, OPV and DSC offers light weight and flexible BIPV glass. BIPV glass allows the entry of natural light and provides both thermal and sound insulation. It filters out harmful radiation and produces clean and free energy. Along with the conventional roles of providing protection from noise and rain, BIPV glass facilitates electricity generation and offers light and thermal management, effective shading, and glare protection.

Key points covered in the report are:

  • Market segmentation on the basis of type, application, product, and technology (as applicable)
  • Geographic segmentation
  • Market size and forecast from 2010 to 2020
  • Company profiles of the leading companies operating in the market
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of the market

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