Paşabahçe’s Aware collection grows with new products

Paşabahçe breathes new life into glasses that have completed their life cycle and invites to use recycled glassware for a sustainable living

Paşabahçe, Turkey’s leading glassware brand and part of the Şişecam Group, expands its 100 percent Recycled Aware Collection, which contributes to the circular economy, with new products.

Paşabahçe continues to expand its Aware Collection, comprised of 100 percent recycled glass products, by combining its awareness of environmental responsibility and advanced production capabilities with its power to innovate.

Inspired by the turquoise colour of the Bosphorus, the Aware Collection brings together sustainability, aesthetics, and modern style. Launched with four products in 2020, the Aware Collection now includes 25 products consisting of glass, mug, stemware, jar, carafe that appeal to consumers who are environmentally conscious and aware.

Paşabahçe developed the Aware Collection based on its vision of leaving a better world for future generations in line with Şişecam’s Care for Next sustainability approach. In 2011, Şişecam launched the “Glass and Glass Again” initiative ­– one of Turkey’s most comprehensive sustainability and social responsibility efforts. To date, more than 1.3 million tons of glass waste have been recycled under this initiative.

Through the use of a 10 percent glass cullet in production, 2.5 percent energy savings is also recorded in the production of glass. The most sustainable packaging material, glass can be 100 percent recycled countless times, with no loss in quality. Recycling a single glass bottle is sufficient alone to save electricity that is needed to power a computer for 25 minutes or a TV for 20 minutes.

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